Malibu Beach Sunset Engagement || Lucy + Chandler

Canyon and Beach Photography Session in Malibu || Malibu Wedding Photographer

You would not guess that Lucy and Chandler just moved to Southern California from NYC by how well Malibu suits them. And I’m so glad they did because they are absolutely my people.

“We are both deep things and love intentionality in conversations with friends and each other. Since it’s our natural bent, however, we actively fight for light-hearted fun and adventure.” 

Lucy mentioned this when we first connected and I feel like she took the words right out of my soul. And I knew that this was what I had to capture of them at their engagement session–– intentional and intimate, with all the fixings of being spontaneous and fun.

We began their engagement session at one of my all-time favorite little spots in Malibu. It’s just off the side of a canyon road, and bypasses the hustle and bustle of Malibu’s most “iconic” spots like El Matador Beach that are typically overcrowded for photography and engagement sessions. After some golden canyon wandering and snuggles, we headed down to the beach to make the most of the remaining light we had before sunset.

Some of my favorite photos from the evening are the ones where Lucy and Chandler are tangled up in each other on the beach, talking and soaking their journey in. There’s something about the very end of engagement sessions that brings out the most honest, intimate photography. Maybe it’s because we’ve had an hour or two to become fast friends, or they’ve just learned to disregard my third-wheeling, but whatever it is, I’m here for it.

Also, I’d like to shout-out Lucy’s hair as the MVP of this engagement session. I’ve never seen hair that reminds me more of golden Southern California sunshine.

And now for the best part…TL;DR in black and white, followed by Yosemite in all its colorful glory.

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