my approach

The photographs I take can't be separated from the experience I give you.

I’m not here to just do the bare minimum and crank out some pretty pictures. If you need a vendor to do a job for a day, I’m not going to be your girl. 

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My goal is to truly know, so that by the time your wedding rolls around, your most intimate moments are being preserved in the comfortable presence of an old friend. Friendship does wonders for great photos.

I will be personally invested, not wanting the party to end, 
not counting the minutes for a “work day” to be over.

I will be personally invested, not wanting the party to end, not counting the minutes for a “work day” to be over.

It's a little bit selfish (I like loving my clients, sue me), and it’s a lot of knowing that’s what you deserve.

I shoot for how it feels.

I’m not chasing contrived perfection. The rawness of emotion wins every time in my book. I’m pro flyaways in the wind, pro breaking tradition, pro ugly crying, and pro kiddos running around adding just a touch of the right brand of chaos. Honest emotion over perfection, forever and ever amen.

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I will guide

but I will never micro-manage.

Having a session with me is a lot like going on a date…except you have a small brown third wheel with you.

We’ll spend time getting to know each other, shooting in between conversation, and letting you forget I’m there so I can document the real stuff.


It’s more than your standard wedding pics. This is what you’re really getting: 


I’m a resource and a friend.

You’ll have access to all the elopement and wedding planning knowledge I have, all organized into helpful PDFs and personalized recommendations to help you craft a celebration you love. I will put together your dream elopement from scratch–– I even have ready-made itineraries for you to choose from.

I’ve been to more than a few love parties, and I know what makes the best photos and experiences. I’ll scout your venue and surrounding area for the best portrait spots, remind you to drink water, squeeze your hand when I know you need it, and say a little prayer over you if that’s your thing.


Secret’s out…I’m a perfectionist deep down.

As much as I talk down perfectionism, I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my shooting and editing style. I’m not here to make everyone the same skin tone or every landscape the same color. A wedding in golden Malibu shouldn’t look the same as an elopement in snowy Tahoe or ice-blue Patagonia.

And I’m definitely not here to give every wedding the same feel. Every love is different. Quiet, intimate, bold, stylish, adventurous–– all are beautiful and deserve to be captured uniquely.


Otherwise known as a great frickin’ time.

Every vendor that you’ve entrusted to contribute to your wedding day should be elevating the joy level, never detracting from it. I’ve seen it too often where vendors show up to what they view as just another work day, do what’s required to get paid, and drag their feet across the finish line.

It can be a damper on the celebration vibe, so I’m dedicated to celebrating *with* you. The photos a photographer gives are inseparable to the attitude they bring; and I’m bringing all joy. And then subsequent invitations to go camping, come over for Catan, or get KBBQ.

I’ll create in a way that’s unique to who you are as a couple,
pouring a lot of love in long before and far after the wedding day.

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