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Before weddings, I started out my photography career in humanitarian photojournalism, which has (surprisingly) heavily influenced my approach in this space. There I learned that taking quality time to build real relationships is the most valuable part of taking honest, story-telling photographs. You can’t show up and snap, and hope for something real in people you know nothing about. You have to build trust first.

So my wanting to really know you and love you is a little bit selfish, I admit. Nothing has a more direct correlation to the quality of people photography than the relationship between the photographer and the person. It’s super important that you and I build a genuine connection from the start.

And I want to know everything about you. I’m going to start out small with this contact form, but it would mean the world to me if you filled it out with intentionality.

I’m not looking for data points, I’m looking to know you, love you, and call you a friend. The more I know you, the better I can serve you, so don’t be shy!

Of course, this is a two-way street, so ask me anything. And if you haven’t yet, I recommend reading My Approach and About Me first and circling back. I also have base pricing listed on my Rates page.

Thanks for reaching out!

You’ll hear from me within two business days.

You can also reach me and my team directly at

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