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The only thing I like more than asking questions is answering them–– I’m an Enneagram 4 after all. These are some common questions that inquiring minds have, but if there’s anything else you want to know don’t hesitate to reach out!

Malibu, California! I went to school here at Pepperdine and love all of it. I spend just as much time away, mostly in the Sierra Nevada Mountains around Yosemite, Mammoth Lakes, Bishop, and Tahoe.

You’ll receive your edited photos through a downloadable online viewing gallery with printing rights. Once you inquire, I’m happy to send you an example gallery so you get a full idea of what a day of coverage looks like!

You’re welcome to print through my online store –– I’m partnered with a professional printing lab and I do recommend that for large prints at least. However you’re never required to print with me and will have personal printing rights to your images!

Yes! All of my standard wedding collections include an engagement session either local to me in Malibu or a “adventure session.” Adventure sessions are more extensive, and can take places like Yosemite, Tahoe, Big Sur, and Joshua Tree. Engagement photos are *not* included for elopements.

Yes! I shoot just as many non-local weddings as I do local to Malibu. All my travel is done at a flat rate at booking, so there are no surprise fees later and no extra travel-booking work I’m going to make you do–– you’ve got plenty on your plate already. I’m a passport-ready, Global Entry qualified, jet-lag beating pro, and have documented love in places like Brazil, Israel, Australia, and Mexico. Learn more here >> 

A portion of every booking goes directly to supporting 1 of 3 non-profits. You can read about them here and are welcome to specify which you want your booking to support in you inquiry form. >> Link to non-profits. 

El Matador Beach Malibu California Engagement Photos

Scouting incredible places is something I’m passionate about. I have a list of epic spots, a curated collection of a dozen itineraries for honeymoon-length adventures, and can also scout somewhere new and perfect for you. I’m happy to help you choose a general landscape before you even book; once you’re dialed in, we’ll talk specific spots, scouting, and travel logistics. >> Inquire about your elopement

Yes! Here are some resources that I hope you find useful. If you have any remaining questions, do not hesitate to reach out. I’ll be straight with you about if eloping is the right thing for you –– it’s not for everybody and it’s absolutely the perfect thing for some. 

Yes! I’m an advocate of accessible adventure. I didn’t have the opportunity to truly experience the greatness of the outdoors until I moved from NJ to California. Challenging myself outside has been the most enriching gift and something I’m passionate about sharing. My team and I will guide you through all the steps –– planning, gear you’ll need,  best practices for caring for the environment –– so that you can tap into that part of yourself and your love story. All that I require is that you trust me and you view your love story itself as an adventure. The rest will follow. 

My name (Safeena, duh) translates from Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew, and Swahili to mean a saving vessel, refuge ship, or Noah’s Ark. It’s something I try to embody as a business owner, artist, and human. Storytime: my family told me growing up that my name meant “little boat,” so Safeena Noah was Little Boat Photography for years. One Christmas, I was checking into a hostel in Bethlehem (yes, I know, hi Mary) and the receptionist said, “Safeena! Like a ship!” I responded, “It’s actually a little boat…like a small cute thing?” And he said, “Nope. Safeena. Like a barge. Or the Titanic.” I asked my family and apparently “little boat” just sounded cuter. World shaken. >> more fun facts here

Precisely one arm and one leg. Kidding. Check out the nitty gritty stuff here >> explore pricing

Yes! I’m really flexible with breaking up payments in whatever makes sense the most for you. I offer bimonthly payment plans, as well as a lower up-front retainer fee for larger bookings.

Yay! After you fill out an inquiry form, I’ll confirm my availability, send over a questionnaire to get to know you, and recommend a coverage option. Once that’s decided, I’ll email you a digital contract and a retainer invoice to save the date. The retainer is 50% and due by check or e-check upon signing. Then you’re officially locked in!

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