Death Valley Elopement Inspiration With Colorful Mountains

Death Valley Adventure Engagement Session || Mammoth Lakes California Adventure Elopement Photographer

This Death Valley engagement session with Andrea and Ray is basically what my photography dreams are made up. And I couldn’t think of two better people to co-create with than these two! I shared a lot about this session, and my experience with anxiety on Instagram (linked here) if you want to get into your feels with me.

Artist’s Palette is unlike any other place I’ve ever photographed. The rocks are saturated with vibrant turquoise, pink, and a beautiful array of naturally forming colors. It’s one of so many diverse and starkly beautiful landscapes that Death Valley has to offer, which makes it the perfect elopement location in my opinion. You can go from expansive sand dunes, to minimalist salt flats, to gorgeous badlands and more. The sunrises and sunset cannot be topped, and the location is so remote that the stars shine extra bright. It’s easy to spot the milky way with your bare eyes.

So much of Death Valley is surprisingly accessible, which also makes it a great elopement location. The most famous spots are short walks from the parking lots, and it’s easy to find secluded areas away from the crowds. This definitely gives it a leg up on more popular elopement spots like Yosemite and Big Sur. And if you’re looking for some laid-back style inspo, Andrea’s Lulu’s jumpsuit would make a perfect elopement outfit! 

A few tips on eloping in Death Valley: 


Avoid the summer like the plague! From May-September, high temperatures are regularly above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I highly recommend eloping here from November-February. Winter offers moderate temperates, with highs in the 60-70s and lows in the 40s. 

The climate and landscape can be extremely harsh so, couple with the remoteness, come prepared. Always pack food, more than enough water, and layers, even if you’re only planning for a short elopement. I’ll be writing a short guide for what I include in my emergency kit for remote elopement locations and will link that when it’s available!

I like to camp at Furnace Creek, but if you want to spring for something luxe, the Oasis at Death Valley is an incredible resort in the otherwise desolate area. There are also more moderately priced hotels at Death Valley Junction and Pahrump, which are convenient if you’re coming from Las Vegas.

Plan at least a full-day adventure if you want to take advantage of the variety of landscapes that Death Valley has to offer! Some of them are long driving distances to each other, so you won’t want to feel rushed. And if you want to explore more of California’s Eastern Sierra, Mammoth Lakes is only 2.5 hours away! There is so much within driving distance outside of Death Valley –– the Alabama Hills, Big Pine, Mammoth Lakes, and more. This is a great opportunity to have a full Honeylopement adventure (with me as your third wheel!). 

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