Aspen Adventure Elopement at Independence Pass || Taylor + Tyler

Aspen Colorado Hiking Elopement Inspiration || Colorado Elopement and Wedding Photographer

“That’s how I knew he was my epic love. He’s the fire in my veins. The wild in my heart and the sunset in my dang soul. There’s not a day that passes that I don’t wake up grateful that he’s in my life.”

If I had to think of one word to describe Tay and Ty it would be “down.” Down for any adventure, down to do their elopement the way that was right for them, down to meet me in a tiny mountain town to find a spot in the middle of nowhere to exchange vows. Taylor and I immediately connected like soul-sisters when she reached out. She more or less said, “Keep us updated on your travel schedule, we want to get married somewhere you think is cool, but we’re super low-key so whatever and whenever.” So they met up with me on a chilly Aspen morning to catch a beautiful Colorado sunrise before driving me to the airport for my flight home! It was exactly the kind of whirlwind day that breathes life into me like refreshing cold water.

Taylor and Ty’s love is something real and lively, and a self-solemnizing elopement in Aspen, Colorado reflected who they are so well. We hiked around Independence Pass together, and they exchanged vows amongst the pines. They ended up exchanging rings in the car since they forgot them initially, and it was so quintessentially them. We went to a pancake house afterward for a celebratory first-meal-as-a-couple and let me tell you–– there’s no greater honor than being the sole guest at an impromptu wedding reception. I love these two and I love their adventurous love. 

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