Yosemite Proposal at Taft Point || Karri + Micah

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I’m SO stoked to finally share photos from this favorite engagement proposal at beloved Taft Point. I honestly don’t think I can put all my love for Micah and Karri (and their love for each other) into words, but welcome to my best effort! Micah has been a dear friend since I lived in Kenya as a budding photojournalist back in 2015. He’s a Kenyan born and raised safari guide, and met our sweet NICU nurse angel, Karri, some years later.

Micah got stuck in the USA while visiting Karri due to the pandemic, and embodied peak lemonade out of lemons mood by fostering his relationship with Karri and reaching out to me to document their proposal atop iconic Taft Point in Yosemite National Park. I spent a few days with them, hiking, climbing, and lots of laughing. I also got to practice my acting skills to thwart any suspicions that there was a pending proposal. In fact, we did a short hike to another favorite overlook (pictured below), and Karri was convinced that this was the proposal moment. After it didn’t happen, I said my goodbyes to drive back to LA, and instead met up with her best friend and hiked to Taft Point before the rest of them and our friends.

We set up a Maasai blanket as an homage to Micah’s home (and a place they love as a couple) and hid behind a boulder until the couple and our group of friends arrived–– with pizzas from Basecamp Eatery and champagne to enjoy as the sun went down. Micah led Karri to the blanket, dropped down on one knee, and everyone cried. We received the most gorgeous sunset as a storm approached, the sun cracking a purple-grey sky; the snow started falling just after Micah proposed and the roads closed immediately after we descended.

I give Taft Point a hard time for being such a go-to spot for romance and photography (and romantic photography) but it’s not without cause. It never delivers anything short of pure, God-given magic. 

A Note on Glacier Point Road Closures 2021-2023

Taft Point is a classic Yosemite stunner, but its access road will be closed until 2023. While it’s the iconic wedding and elopement photography spot in Yosemite, this will be a great opportunity to explore the many incredible lesser-known spots in Yosemite and Eastern Sierra. My best advice for this location and Glacier Point is that they’re not the only beautiful places in Yosemite or the Sierra Nevada Mountains. If you’re planning an adventurous elopement or wedding and want something with this vibe (but don’t want to wait until 2023 to access Taft Point), reach out; I can get you set up with one of the dozens of incredible locations begging to be photographed! Taft Point and Glacier Point will also remain accessible through the strenuous 4-Mile-Hike (deceptively named–– it’s longer) if you’re down for a truly adventurous elopement. 

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