Glacier Point Sunrise Elopement Session || Victoria + Tim

Yosemite Adventure Elopement-Inspired Session || Yosemite National Park Wedding Photographer

Lord, I will forever be obsessed with these people, this place, and honestly, this time of day. As much as I hate myself a little every time my alarm goes off for a sunrise photography adventure, they end up being my favorite, most memorable moments and images. This sunrise was absolutely worth it.

I don’t know how better to describe Vic and Tim than just sweet, pure souls. Their story is my favorite. Victoria is an insanely talented actress, who you might recognize from The Flash–– bubbly, artistic, vulnerable. Tim is her perfect complement. She and Tim are childhood best friends who realized they were exactly the right people for each other many years, victories, and heartbreaks later. They realized their feelings, dated, were engaged, and wed within a year. Being best friends first is what makes them special–– they knew each other intimately from the get-go of their relationship, but are falling in love with each other more and more each day.

As fellow campers and adventurers and National Park people, spending time with them in Yosemite was a gift. They had often for a post-wedding adventure session in their wedding clothes to have images representative of who they are, and also so give more time to their friends and family on the wedding day itself. These are my absolute favorite kinds of sessions to photograph. They take the pressure off of the wedding day and allow you to slow down and choose a time and place that tells a fuller story of your love. 

Victoria and Tim met up with Conrad and I before dawn the morning of our wedding portrait adventure in Yosemite. We started the sunrise slow, with them cuddled up and watching the light spill over the top of Half Dome. The way the light cracks and the gold lights up the trees inch by inch during Yosemite sunrises is a magic I can liken to no other. After warming up a bit, Vic peeled off her Patagonia jacket to frolic around in all the glory of her gorgeously detailed Alexandra Grecco wedding gown. My advice, when it comes to wedding dresses, is to wear yours as often as you can!

After climbing some epic boulders and capturing amazing photos of them as the sunlight flooded into Yosemite, Vic and Tim joined us for breakfast at our campsite in Lower Pines of Yosemite Valley. Conrad cooked, Tim miraculously made us an campfire even though we only had kindling, and Victoria and I girl-talked and drank hot chocolate. And that is more or less what I want this job and life to feel like forever and ever. 

A Note on Glacier Point Road Closures 2020-2022

Glacier Point is a classic Yosemite stunner, but its access road will be closed until 2022. While it’s the iconic wedding and elopement photography spot in Yosemite, this will be a great opportunity to explore the many incredible lesser-known spots in Yosemite and Eastern Sierra. My best advice for this location and Taft Point is that they’re not the only beautiful places in Yosemite or the Sierra Nevada Mountains. If you’re planning an adventurous elopement or wedding and want something with this vibe (but don’t want to wait until 2022 to access Taft Point), reach out; I can get you set up with one of the dozens of incredible locations begging to be photographed! Taft Point and Glacier Point will also remain accessible through the strenuous 4-Mile-Hike (deceptively named–– it’s longer) if you’re down for a truly adventurous elopement. 

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