Malibu Beach Engagement With a Beautiful Sunset || Alex + Chance

Cliff-top Adventure Photography Session in Malibu || Malibu Wedding Photographer

Say hello to two of my favorite people on planet earth–– Alex and Chance. Keb and I actually use a word called “Chancey” now to describe people who are pure, sweet, encouraging souls like Chance is! I met these two through Alex’s sister, Becca, a dear friend. They’ve quickly become fast friends of mine, and since knowing them as “clients” I’ve had the honor of sleeping in their guest room, joining their family outings, and even crying over boys at their dining room table. They were childhood friends until they realized they were the people for each other after graduating college, and I’m obsessed with them if you didn’t notice. These are good humans.

For their engagement session, Alex and Chance came down to Malibu, where Alex had gone to school. We went to my favorite place in the world to dance on top of cliffs, jump into the water, and watch the sun set over the Pacific. Chance wore all black, which was a vibe and a half, and Alex wore a couple cozy outfits that were perfect for winter in Malibu. They’re another favorite engagement outfit inspiration reference. Check out the photos for one of the most beautiful Malibu sunsets of my career. I’m counting down the days until we party in Healdsburg.

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