Golden Hour Elopement in Malibu || Bob + Jess

Malibu Beach Elopement at Sunset || Malibu and Los Angeles Elopement Photographer

There’s nothing more quintessential California than golden hour in Malibu. The way the light spills over the Pacific Ocean is indescribable, and I’m forever in pursuit of being able to capture it in a way that truly does the beauty justice.

And I know I say this a lot, but Bob and Jess are my people. They came to elope in Malibu all the way from New Mexico and met me at my favorite beach with their two beautiful babies and two best friends. The lot of us scrambled over some rocks to a perfect spot I’d found for them to exchange vows. Conrad and I quickly bonded (which might be a new speed record for how quickly I feel like I can call a couple forever friends) and we’re actually visiting them next month.

It’s hard to choose a favorite part of this Malibu elopement, but I think I’d have to go with Bob and Jess’s sweet bond with their kids. Jess breastfeeding her daughter in her wedding dress, the golden rays radiating in every direction, was the closest I’ve been to being in the presence of a real goddess on this earth.

My second favorite moment might have to be when Bob and Jess shared with me that when they inquired (after being together forever), it was fully as a joke…and when I responded so excited, they thought, “Wait, should we actually elope to Malibu.” And here we are.

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