Ferris Wheel Wedding at the Oaks in Ramona || Adam + Kaitlyn

Retreat Center Weekend Wedding || California Wedding Photographer

The Goffs! Where do I begin with this joyful duo and their incredible group of people? Adam–– a plane pilot, a boat captain, a motorcycle rider, and more –– has been a friend since Pepperdine, and we were kindred spirits in spontaneous adventures. He’s always been one of the most inclusive people that I know. That’s why it made so much sense when I got to meet Kaitlyn, who exudes those amazing qualities, with a dose of such genuine sweetness and elegance.

Kaitlyn and Adam hosted their wedding weekend at the Goff’s retreat center, The Oaks Center in Ramona, CA. Not only did they have their wedding there, complete with a Ferris wheel, horseback grand entrance, confetti cannons, and Jeep exit, but they also graciously hosted dozens of their guests on-site. I never knew how much I loved a retreat center wedding until this one, so I’m keeping that note in my back-pocket for when my day comes. 

Adam and his groomsmen kicked off the morning with a little horseback riding and ATV adventure around the property. We rode down to the stables and  through the namesake oaks. Kaitlyn, the most beautiful camera-shy person I’ll ever know, took it easy with her ladies. One thing I loved about this wedding is that Adam and Kaitlyn really did what felt right and made the day maximum fun, regardless of tradition. They spent lunch together before their first look, because why wouldn’t they want to spend as much of their wedding day together as possible? After their first look, we took an ATV back down to the beautiful stables for some peace before the party.

And party they did! After a gorgeous, emotional ceremony surrounded by their most loved, and a confetti cannon ceremony exit, the guests headed further down the property for a big reveal –– the Ferris wheel reception! A few days before the wedding, Adam texted me to ask if I had any Ferris wheel connections. I laughed it off, thinking, “Classic Adam,” assuming he was at least 95% joking. Well that 5% and Adam’s indomitable spirit manifested an actual full-size working Ferris wheel. When I first saw it, I was still amazed but thought it was purely decorative. Then, when everyone started riding it, my brain shattered.

Everyone got down on the tireless dance floors under the neon lights well into the late hours. And in classic Goff fashion, Adam and Kaitlyn made their grand exit through a sparkler exit in an open Jeep. These two are icons of joy, flair, adventure, community, and inclusiveness. If this is just day one, I cannot imagine how beautiful the life they’re going to build together will become.