Yosemite Glacier Point Elopement Session || Allie + Paul

Adventure Elopement-Inspired Yosemite Session || Yosemite Wedding Photographer

This was one of my favorite evenings I’ve had in Yosemite. Allie and Paul went through fire and stone to get here, and the result was pure magic. After a series of cancelled wedding plans–– due to Covid and fires near their original wedding in Mammoth–– these two made a trek up to take a difficult situation and make it something beautiful. Their relationship was forged in the mountains, so it made the most sense to celebrate their love in a place so representative of who they are.

“Intent. Adventurous. Strong.” Those are the words Allie and Paul use to describe the relationship, and it shines in these adventure elopement photos. They met Conrad and I at Glacier Point at the top of Yosemite Valley on this brisk evening, ready for anything. Allie made her own bouquet (shout-out to her new floral business, @tsbfloralco), and stunned in her beaded gown and bridal jacket.

I could say so much more about them, the photos, how much I loved spending the evening with them in Yosemite and continuing the celebration after at our Lower Pines campsite, exchanging stories by the fire, but I have a tendency to babble (case in point) and will let the photos speak for themselves. 

A Note on Glacier Point Road Closures 2021-2023

Glacier Point is a classic Yosemite stunner, but its access road will be closed from the end of the 2021 season until 2023. While it’s the iconic wedding and elopement photography spot in Yosemite, this will be a great opportunity to explore the many incredible lesser-known spots in Yosemite and Eastern Sierra. My best advice for this location and Taft Point is that they’re not the only beautiful places in Yosemite or the Sierra Nevada Mountains. If you’re planning an adventurous elopement or wedding and want something with this vibe (but don’t want to wait until 2023 to access Taft Point), reach out; I can get you set up with one of the dozens of incredible locations begging to be photographed! Taft Point and Glacier Point will also remain accessible through the strenuous 4-Mile-Hike (deceptively named–– it’s longer) if you’re down for a truly adventurous elopement. 

Did all that scrolling get you jazzed to reach out? I'd love to hear from you!

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