Eastern Sierra Adventure Engagement Session in Bishop, California || Jovanna + Eden

Bishop Elopement Inspiration at the Buttermilks || Mammoth Lakes Wedding Photographer and Elopement Photographer

This engagement session in Bishop, CA might be my favorite engagement session to date! Bishop lies about 40 minutes south of Mammoth Lakes in my favorite part of the world, California’s Eastern Sierra. The 395 interstate is a true slice of heaven on earth, so I was jumping for joy with Jovanna and Eden, fellow climbers and adventurers, asked if we could shoot their adventure engagement session in this rock-climbing haven.

We all came from Los Angeles, but the Mammoth Lakes area is where we can shed our corporate layers and feel the most like ourselves. I think that’s what made this engagement session stand out to me, why this blog post is so easy to write about, and why I feel like these are some of my best, most emotive (albeit simple) photos over…none of us had to fake anything. This is exactly where and how we are our most comfortable.

This spot in particular is California’s mecca for bouldering. For those less familiar, bouldering is non-roped climbing with crash pads. The bouldering routes go only as high is safe to fall without a rope or gear to break your fall. It can still get pretty finicky though, so if you’re thinking of trying it out, be sure to go with friends who are experienced spotters (and bring crash pads!). We got to spend the day before and after the engagement session bouldering in Bishop (before heading to Yosemite), and being able to combine work and play like this is my favorite thing about the job.

My favorite three photos from this session are at the top of the gallery below. I love the movement, genuine smiles, and the way the fall colors burst. There’s nothing quite like fall in the Eastern Sierra. I also loved that even with so much gorgeous scenery, the thing that stood out as most beautiful was the connection between Jovanna and Eden.

I’m looking forward to shooting more elopements, weddings, and engagement sessions in Mammoth Lakes and the surrounding areas like Bishop. It’s my favorite place to recommend to couples who are down for an adventure and open to location. There are the most beautiful hot springs, mountain backdrops, open fields, fishing, hiking, skiing, climbing, and endless fun. If you’re thinking about eloping in Bishop, reach out! 

Did all that scrolling get you jazzed to reach out? I'd love to hear from you!

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